3 Millionaire Beliefs that will take you above the average

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We saw in the previous article- change your life by changing your mindset, we saw the importance that our mindset has over our lives and the way we see the world.

Beliefs are a set of principles, ideas, and opinions engraved in our subconscious from an early age. And what determines the nature of those beliefs is our childhood, the education we received, and the environment in which we grew up.

Your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself.

Our mindset is the glasses through which we see the world. Our beliefs and thoughts shape the way we behave, the decisions we make.

Remember that there are two types of beliefs: empowering or limiting beliefs.

In these articles, we´ll go over 3 millionaire beliefs that will empower you to achieve both your economical and personal goals.

Are you ready to boost your mindset and plant healthy beliefs into your mind?

The fundamental difference between millionaires and poor people

Being a millionaire is a consequence of WHO you are, not of what you have. That is why it is so important to make sure that we have a successful, abundant, and wealthy mindset.

The first fundamental difference between millionaires and poor people is their way of ACTING, FEELING, and THINKING.
We often think that what determines if a person is wealthy or not is their past, their circumstances, the people they are surrounded by, the opportunities they were given…But that´s not the truth.

The second main difference is that millionaires are entrepreneurs, not employees.

The difference between these two words is not the position they represent, but the mentality each person has.

In fact, you can be a millionaire and still be an employee, because, then again, it´s all about the mindset you have.
But what is it that differentiates an employee mindset from an entrepreneur one?

1º Time management

For an employee time is divided into “MY time” and “HIS time”. “HIS time” is the one he/she gives to their bosses in exchange for a check at the end of the month.

“MY time” starts when the employee finishes work. This time is used to relax and enjoy on their own or with the company of friends and family.
And so we have the time he/she spends at work, the time spent relaxing. But what about their dreams?

Entrepreneurs understand that what they decide to do with their time will determine whether they achieve their dreams or not.
So they spend their free time working on their dreams to come true. Now, do you want to know a funny thing?

Even though entrepreneurs spend more time working than employees, they are many studies that prove that they live happier lives than workers because they spend more time working on their dreams and things that fulfill them.

2º Money management

Employees view money as a tool of survival. They use the money to pay their bills, expenses, debts… By the end of the month, there is barely any money left to invest or save.

However, entrepreneurs see money as a vehicle to make their dreams come true. Money is not seen with a limit, but an unlimited thing that they can invest to produce even more money.

That is why learning about personal finances and how to make money work for you is so important.

3º The management of problems and failure.

Employees link problems to negative things and outcomes, that´s why they avoid them as much as they can.
But entrepreneurs see problems as opportunities to grow. Problems represent a difficulty they need to dominate to acquire a new skill.

A similar thing happens with failures. For workers and people with a poor mindset, failures are embarrassing, they mean a sign to abandon what they are doing and to stop trying.

From an early age, we have been taught unconsciously to see failure as something negative and shameful. And so we give up at the first sign of difficulty to avoid failing. We run from it as far away and as quickly as possible.

But the truth is quite the opposite. To succeed you NEED to fail. Why?

Because to succeed at something in life, you´ll have to do things you´ve never done before. And no one is great at things they have never done before. Failure is a tool and an experience that tells us what is the right path to follow and which is not.

People with an entrepreneurship mindset understand that, that’s why they see failure as an opportunity to grow. For them failing means being a step closer to success.

Tell yourself the truth

Our mind’s main task is to protect us and to ensure our survival. To do this, the mind creates a COMFORT ZONE, a place the brain has filtered and scanned and knows for sure nothing that nothings inside this zone can harm us. It is a known and comfortable place.

Every time we want to try something new our minds start lying to us and creating the worst outcomes possible, hoping that FEAR, the mind’s best friend, will change your mind.

Every attempt to get out of the comfort zone will be sabotaged by the mind. The thins is that along the years, the brain has learned to trick and lie to us in subtle so that we don’t notice anything.

Let´s see some examples:

-I´ll do it…(someday)

The reason why the mind has learned to trick us is because it doesn´t want you to do what you want because then it´ll lose control of what may happen.

So instead of saying that it´s not possible, it tells you it´s not possible…NOW. And it starts telling and bombing you with a ton of arguments to stop you and convince you to stay within your comfort zone.

Another way our mind has to trick us is by making us believe that things are much easier than they seem.

So you start things with the mindset that they will be easy, but then you discover that you are not obtaining the results you were hoping for because the required levels to obtain what you want is far above what you doing. Consequently, you start thinking that you have failed and so you give up, letting your mind WIN.

Why does this trick work? Because if you are not at the level of your dreams, you will not attract them and see them manifest in your life.

Tell yourself the truth and it will set you free.

Start over every day

The key to keeping going every day with the same level of motivation and passion is to start over every day.Start the day with the mindset that you are starting from scratch and haven´t achieved anything yet. Why?

Remember what I said about the brain sabotaging every attempt to get out of the comfort zone? One of the ways in which it will do this is by telling you to let your guard down as soon as you start seeing results.

The trick is to increase/ create bigger goals every time you achieve the ones you have by adding one more 0.

For example, if you have managed to open one store, your goal now would be to open 10 stores. If you have 10 customers, your goal now would be to have 100 customers. The same applies to the number of products or services you sell, the money you earn…

It is highly important to keep yourself hungry for success and motivated to achieve your goals because the moment we feel comfortable our brain will convince us to relax and lower our activity level.

We live in a comfortable society where surviving is ENOUGH, where earning enough money to make ends meet is sufficient.
But “having enough” or being “successful enough” won´t make your dreams come true or achieve your objectives.

Out of necessity people will do the bare minimum to survive, but if you decide you want something it is not enough to do the bare minimum, you have to do something that will make you stand out.

Time v.s. Will

Another excuse people often use is “I´ll start doing this when I have time” or “I wish I could do this, but I´m so busy”.

But whether we start a new project/ activity or not is a matter of PURPOSE and MEANING rather than time.

We will never be able to make time for something we are not interested in doing. There will never be enough time to do everything we say we want to do. We choose to spend our time with activities that mean something to us.

I want to think about the activities you carry out throughout the day. And now I want you to think about why do you them, what do they mean to you?

The lack of time is an excuse that will always be there unless you decide another way. We all have the same 24h in the day, what we decide to do with them is up to us. So if there is a project or activity that you want to start, discover what is its purpose, it´s meaning, and remind yourself that every day to motivate yourself.

There are a thousand excuses and reasons to keep yourself from doing what you desire, but the truth is that time will pass and those dreams will never come true unless you take action.

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