How to create a vision board to successfully build the life of your dreams in 2023

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This post is all about how to create a vision board to manifest the life of your dreams.

If you are wondering how to manifest your dream life, manifestation methods, or how to create vision boards, you are in the right!

In this article we will cover how manifestation works, what are vision boards and how you can create your own, and some final very important tips to have in mind when creating and manifesting your dream reality, even if you have no idea what that looks like!

how to create a vision board

The Principle of Vibration and the Law of Attraction

Before we begin, let´s properly understand how manifestation and Vision boards work and how can they help you build the life of your dreams.

For this will see the Vibrational Principle and the Law of attraction which are closely related to each other.

According to the principle of Vibration (The 7 Universal Laws of the universe- part 2), the universe is composed of atoms, which in turn are composed of small vortices of energy, and the union of these atoms is formed thanks to these vortices of energy that form a joint vibration.

In other words, everything in the universe is made up of atoms united by vortices of energies which cause things to have a vibration. All living and unanimated objects emit a vibration, even colors!

“All physical matter, everything that surrounds us, is the result of a frequency, and that means also, that if it is altered, the structure of matter will change.”

-David Wilcock.

A person’s vibratory frequency is determined by his or her dominant thoughts and emotions.

These vibrations then travel through the ether/ universe affecting the matter it encounters and attracting to you matter that matches its frequency.

This brings us to the Law of Attraction which states that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on. Whatever you focus your energy and attention to, meaning whatever occupies your dominant thoughts, will come back to you.

Everything that you have in your life you have attracted through your vibrational frequency.

Based on these two laws and the way they affect our life a method to use them to our advantage has been created called MANIFESTATION.

Essentially, manifestation is a technique used to attract, through belief and emotion, into our life any situation, person, or object.

Based on the laws manifestation was created with, different techniques have been developed to attract into your life any tangible thing you desire. Like, for example, visualization, scripting, meditation, prayer, vision boards…

Now that we understand how manifestation works and the laws it is based on, let’s see more in-depth what a vision board is and how can you use it to create and attract the life of your dreams.

What are Vision Boards?

Vision Boards are a visual tool to help you create and build the reality of your dreams. Basically, vision boards consist of a series of images that represent our dreams and goals. They help us in the process of manifesting and attracting by, when keeping it in a visible place, motivating and reminding us of our objectives and aspirations.

vision board ideas

So how is it exactly that we can create our own personal Vision Board? Well, you can accomplish this in 4 easy steps. Ready to know them?

Let´s start!

How to create a vision board-Step Nº1

The first step to creating a vision board reflecting the things we want to attract into our life is to actually know what your dream reality looks like.

To discover this, let´s do a little visualization exercise.

Close your eyes, clear your head of thoughts and visualize a day in your dream life in 5 years: Where are you? What are you doing? What is your job? What about your daily routine? What are some of the habits you have? What about your hobbies? How do you feel? Are you happy? Where are living, an apartment a house? What does it look like, what is its style? Do you live alone? How is your financial state?

Areas you NEED to cover in your vision board

Since vision boards are meant to represent your dreams life and goals it is no brainer that all areas of life MUST be represented in your board. These areas or categories are:

  • Health/fitness/ physical appearance
  • Personal (relationship with yourself)
  • Work/career or/and school
  • Travel
  • Finances
  • Dreams home and car
  • Goals you have for the next 12 month

How to successfully creare a vision board- Step Nº2

The second step to creating your vision board is to create a positive affirmation for each vision and dream you have.

Affirmations are sentences used to reprogram our subconscious mind.

They can also be used to make us believe certain things about ourselves and the world or environment surrounding us.

Combining both words and images helps your subconscious mind see yourself more easily in the position and desire and dreams about.

For example, if one of your goals is to achieve your financial independence, your positive affirmation for this goalVision could be something like: “Financial abundance is coming my way”, “My income potential has no limits”, “I attract money easily and effortlessly”…

vision board
Financial independence affirmation

How to manifest your dream life- Step Nº3

Once you have visualized and established your dreams life and goals is time to represent them in your vision board.

To do this simply go to Pinterest or Google and type in the search bar one of your goals and look for images and quotes that describe/ represent your goals, dreams, and aspiration.

The key is to find images and quotes that every time you see them make you feel: “Yes, this is exactly what I want!”.

How to create your own Vision Board- Step Nº4

Now that you have your goals established and images that represent those goals it´s time for the fun part- creating a collage with all the images you have chosen.

There is not an established method to do this. Some people decide to divide the images, affirmations, and quotes into the categories mentioned above.

Others divide them into short-term and long-term goals. And other people simply arrange them until they find a combination that flows and feels good.

How to create a vision board?

There are 2 main ways of creating a vision board on a physical format and/or a digital one.

Physical format

To create a physical vision board you will only need a board- whether it is a white magnetic board, a piece of cork, or a simple board- and something to stick or pin the images to the board.

And lastly, you will need a printer to print the images you have chosen. If you can´t access one, you can always recur to magazines to choose and cut out your images.

Digital vision board

One of the most popular options when creating a vision board is to do it on a digital format, mainly because you don´t have to worry about printing the images or finding them in magazines.

But also because when creating a digital board, you can have it present more often than you could with a physical one because you can access it at all times.

When creating a digital board you have two options, you can either create a big collage with all the images you have chosen or, you can create a video.

Videos are rarely chosen but one of the most powerful options because videos give you the possibility to include subliminal audios.

Subliminal audios are audios or visual stimuli that are not perceived by your conscious mind. They are often used along with songs, movies, and even advertisements.

Subliminal audios are very powerful and when used right they can help you eliminate your limiting beliefs.

These audios contain messages that are not perceived by the conscious mind and directly affect the subconscious mind- the part of our conscious responsible for storing our beliefs.

If you decide to use subliminal audios in your vision board, or at any time in your life, be very careful of from who and where do you listen to these audios.

As said before, subliminal audios can be an incredibly powerful tool when used right.

However, since the messages that are “hidden” in the audio cannot be heard by the conscious mind, we don´t exactly know what that message is. An advantage and disadvantage that can be used against us.

If you want to learn more about beliefs and how they affect our daily life, I recommend you check out this article!

To create a digital vision board, whether you have decided to make a video or a collage, I recommend you to use Canva, they have a free plan that allows you to create very fun and diverse types of vision boards.

If you decide to create a vision board and then place it as your wallpaper, you simply have to go to the top next to the search type. Click “Create a design”.

When you have finished uploading and arranging your images, click on the download button on the top right corner- and you will have successfully created you´re personal vision board!

Once you have your digital vision board I recommend you put it as your wallpaper. Telephones are one of the tools that we use the most during the day.

Having your vision board as a wallpaper, allows you to have it constantly insight, something very important that we will talk about in a moment, besides motivating you every time you see reflected in these images your dreams and goals.

Here are a couple of examples if you are looking for inspiration:

Vision boards examples
Image source: Pinterest

Important things to have in mind when creating your vision board

Always, always, always have it present. You cannot create a vision board and then keep it forgotten in a corner of the house.

Vision boards are a very powerful method of manifestation when used well.

For that, you first have to put it in a visible place, a place where you can see it every day.

If you have decided to do it digitally, you could put it as wallpaper on your phone. If instead, you are going to make your vision board physical, you could place it in your kitchen (the fridge for example), your office, the closet, the entrance…

There are many possibilities, but make sure it is in a place where you can see it at least once a day.

The second step to using the vision board effectively to manifest the life of your dreams – and something that many people fail to do, which makes this tool not work for them – is to connect with the emotions.

It is very important that the images you choose clearly convey the emotion – excitement, motivation…- that your dreams give you when you think about them.

The key part that makes vision boards so successful is that they allow us to connect with our dreams and their emotions on a daily basis.

When this process is repeated continuously, what you are doing is raising your vibration to that of your dreams and goals, which makes it easier and faster for you to bring them into your life.

So, every time you see your vision board, don’t ignore it. Stop for a moment to look at the images, the quotes, the affirmations, and allow yourself to connect with your dreams and your emotions.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post on how to successfully create your own vision board to manifest your dream life in 2023.

Remember to every day make the conscious decision to focus your time and energy on building the life of your dreams.

And even though it may seem tempting to let fear control our lives because it´s “easier” or “safer”. We either way have to live with the pain and the fear, but you can choose which one to live with: the pain of regret or the pain of growth.

Never forget that you are worthy of even your deepest desires!

What are you doing today to bring you a step closer to your dream life? I would to read you in the comments!

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