How to balance your life areas and live a harmonious life

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This post is all about how to balance your life areas and live a harmonious life.

Have you been feeling out of tune lately, like your life is all over the place?

Overwhelmed by feelings of disconnection, stress…?

Maybe even struggling to find that balance and harmony in your daily life that brings that feeling of peace and satisfaction to your life?

If your answer to these questions are yes, then I want to share with you 5 mistakes you are probably making that are keeping you from achieving harmony in all life areas and how you can correct them to feel in balance again!

Let´s begin…

life areas

Balance has a different meaning for each one of us, for some people, it means having control of their life and being prepared, for others it means having success in all their life areas.

But whatever it means for you, balance and harmony are something we all look for in our lives.

But how can we actually achieve this? Could there be some things we are doing (or rather aren’t doing) that could prevent us from achieving this sense of balance in our lives?

Actually, there are, and today we are going to discover the 5 most common mistakes you are probably making that are keeping you from balancing your life and how you can fix them!

Let´s discover the first one…

5 mistakes that are keeping you from achieving balance in all your life areas

1. You haven’t defined what a balanced life means to you

If you have ever said to yourself: “I wish my life was more balanced” without ever properly defining what that means to you, you´ll find it very difficult to achieve this balance.

Because how could you ever achieve something, if you don´t even know what it means?

Now, your definition of balance may be different from mine, and it is influenced by things like our job, hobbies, goals in life, priorities…

To help you define and picture that image of what a balanced and harmonious life looks like for you, I want you to close your eyes and think of the word balance: what picture/s comes to your mind? 

Imagine a life where everything is in balance, visualize what a day in your life would look like…

Once you have this picture in your mind open your eyes and write down what you saw, what emotions did you feel, how did your life look like, what type of things did you spend your time on…?

2. You haven´t been practicing self discipline

I know that self discipline isn´t the first thing that comes to one’s mind when you think of a balanced life, but the truth is that self discipline is an indispensable skill in life, especially when it comes to achieving your goals.

And having a harmonious life is not an exception to this rule. Because even if you had a crystal clear image of what a balanced life means to you and the steps you would need in order to achieve it, none of this will help you if you don´t have the tools and discipline to make it happen, to make that mental picture your reality.

Without self discipline, we often procrastinate, waste our time unintentionally, fail to achieve our goals… and with this, feelings of anger towards ourselves, overwhelming and mostly guilt invade our lives.

If you are serious about creating a balanced life and want to become incredibly self disciplined I highly suggested you read the 4 most effective tips you need to try to develop rock-solid self discipline!

3. You don’t focus or take care of the 7 life areas

Most people are unaware that our lives can be divided into 7 different categories and that to achieve a feeling of balance in your life it is important that you take care and focus on all these areas.

But which areas are these?

  • Health: This category includes your health in your physical, mental, and emotional self, some areas/ activities that are included in this category are: exercise/ Physical activity, diet/nutrition, sleep, water, mental and emotional health,  your emotional intelligence, etc.
  • Relationships: It is no mystery that we humans are social creatures and crave social interaction. Some more than others, but no matter how much of an introvert or an extrovert you are, relationships can increase our emotional wellness, create stability, help us deal with stress…

Relationships include any interactions whether it´s romantic (with your significant other), platonic (with friends, coworkers…), or with your family.

Some areas to focus on are:-

  • Family and friends

Community (neighbors, co-workers…)

Romantic partners

  • Work: this life area is related to your career, your passions, your purpose, your mission, how fulfilled you feel by your job…
  • Fun/ Recreation: This area, although usually the most overlook, when focused on can help us reduce stress, sleep better, and improve our relationships not just with others, but with ourselves as well. 

Some of the areas included in this category are your hobbies, traveling, dates, quality time with your friends and family, trying new things, having new adventures…

  • Finances: The truth is that in today’s world money is a huge factor in our lives, and our relationships and beliefs about money highly influence them. Some areas to consider are your financial education, your relationship with money, your financial independence, income streams…
  • Spirituality: Humans are more than animals because we possess spiritual qualities that make us different. Investing in your spiritual being is about creating a deeper connection between mind, body, spirit, and the world that surrounds you. Some areas to focus on in this category are learning more about yourself, discovering your values, praying if you are a religious person and learning what’s truly important to you and what you want out of life.
  • Personal growth: And last but not least, personal growth. It is no secret that our personal growth plays a very part in our life, and that affects all the other life areas mentioned above. This category will determine how successful, happy, satisfied, and fulfilled we live in our lives, which is the main reason why we should never neglect this life area, but rather focus on improving it constantly. Some areas to focus on are your personal development, your skills, talents, personality traits…

Balanced life assessment tool

Most times when having this feeling of unbalance it´s caused by the imbalance and discoordination of these seven areas.

It may that we are at one point in our life where we are concentrating too much on our work area while paying little to no attention to our health life or our relationships.

To help you regulate and improve all these 7 areas with the goal to restore the balance in your life I want to share with you this balance assessment tool.

You can download your balanced life assessment FREE worksheet by clicking the image!

wheel of life worksheet

How can you use this tool?

Once you have downloaded the balance assessment sheet follow the following steps to complete it:

  1. Firstly, think of the 7 main life areas, reflect on each individually and the importance they have in your life.
  2. Now it´s time to assess how satisfied you are with each life area. Rate each one of them on a scale from 1-10. 

1= Not satisfied at all 

10= Very satisfied

Write down the very first number that pops into your head!

  1. Once you have rated your satisfaction in all life areas, take an overall look at your sheet:
  • Which areas stand out the most? Why do you think they have the highest scores? Do you think you spend more time on them compared to the others?
  • What areas do you feel you need to improve/ take more care of?
  1. Now that you have this first initial assessment done, it´s time to choose two of the areas with the lowest score and set 2 goals that would improve them to achieve in the next 30 days.
  • Once your goals are established it´s time to create an action plan detailing all the steps, tools, and tasks you need to complete in order to achieve those goals.
  1. And lastly, the final step consists of reevaluating your life wheel score 30 days after, especially in the areas you have set the two goals to. Once you have this reevaluation repeated this process set two new goals to improve two different areas of your life.

4. You don´t plan ahead

Let´s face we have the horrible habit of not planning ahead. And although living a balanced and harmonious life sounds like a go-with-the-flow kind of lifestyle, we can only ever achieve it by being intentional in the way we take care of ourselves and our life areas which can be achieved by planning ahead.

Because the problem when we go with the flow and do not plan is that 99% of the time we will not accomplish and get done the things the plan in our mind.

Life and unpredictable things have a way of getting in the way. For example, have you ever told yourself or made a “mental note” to get done such a thing by the end of the week, and then you wake on Saturday and realize you completely forgot to do it?

I know I have.

Now, I´m not suggesting that you have planned every minute of every hour although this really depends on what you feel comfortable doing, some people feel trapped by having a strict schedule while others thrive in having one.

But by simply creating an outline of how your week will look like (including appointments, projects, social time, self-care, things you need to get done…) you will not only be more likely to get them done and give each life area the attention they need, but you will also feel like you are in control of your time and schedule instead of the other way around.

5. You aren´t being consistent with your actions

Consistency is one of the most important aspects when it comes to living a balanced life. And most of the time lack of consistency in your life could be one of the main reasons why you might feel all over the place.

Working on your life areas and balancing them in order to have a predominancy of this feeling in your life is not a one-time job or something that you do once. It is an exercise that you should do periodically.

As we personally grow and as our priorities and internal and external circumstances change (location change, different job, lifestyle, priorities…) our life balance becomes unsettled and uncoordinated.

That’s why assessing how you feel in relation to these areas from time to time so that we can realign ourselves and focus on the things we need to improve in order to achieve that life balance and harmony we talked about. 

Look at it as if it were a scale in which you have to balance several elements, if you put your focus completely on one side of the scale, the opposite side becomes unbalanced.

As in the scale, it is important to balance the weight and focus that we put on each side so that both are in sync and we get that feeling of satisfaction and peace that living a balanced life gives us.

Take away

There are times in life when might feel unbalanced, and uncoordinated as if our lives were all over the place.

There are several reasons why we might be feeling this way, but they all come down to these 5 reasons: we don´t have defined what a balanced life means for us, making it very difficult to achieve because we don´t even know what that might look like.

We don´t have enough self discipline, one of the most important skills to master in life, to turn that mental picture of a harmonious life into reality.

We have the bad habit of not planning ahead. Although a balanced life sounds like a go-with-the-flow kind of life, it is going to be quite difficult to achieve this lifestyle if we don´t start putting in the effort to dedicate time to all our life areas and be organized.

The fourth reason is we aren´t consistent in our lives. Maintaining the balance and stability in our lives is not a one-time job. And as our priorities and lifestyle change, there might be moments in our lives where that balance becomes broken. In those moments it´s important to assess the focus and time we invest in each life area and find that balance again, through practice and reflection.

And lastly, (and most important one), we don´t take care of our life areas. Our life can be divided into 7 categories: health, relationships, finances, fun, personal growth, career, and spirituality. The main reason why we feel unbalanced in our lives is because we are neglecting one or various life areas while focusing too much on others.

Don´t forget to grab your FREE copy of the balance life assessment FREE worksheet!

wheel of life worksheet

Thank you so much for investing your time in this article. I hope the tips and exercises in this article will help you balance your life areas and bring a sense of satisfaction had harmony to your life.

Always remember that you are worthy of even your deepest and wildest desires!

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