The ultimate life reset checklist you need to reinvent yourself

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This post is all about the ultimate life reset checklist you need to reinvent yourself.

There are moments in life when you just feel like you need to reinvent yourself in every way possible.

There are the ones that change their daily routine or dye their hair. But sometimes small changes like that aren’t enough.

So, if you feel it´s time to shake things up, reinvent yourself, to change the direction your life is taking, you are exactly where you need to be.

Today I want to share with you the ultimate life reset checklist, a step-by-step process that will guide you through the path of starting over and reinventing yourself.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and a notebook, and get ready to take notes because we are about to start a journey that has the power to change your life.

life reset

The first thing you need to know is the outline of this process, which can be divided into 4 parts:

  • Evaluate the present
  • Plan the journey
  • Create your vision
  • Implementation

This process is created to help you evaluate your life in the present moment, to help you discover what changes you want and need to make, how to create a vision of your dream life, and finally, the most important step in my opinion, how to implement these changes in your life successfully.

How to do a life reset step one: Evaluate the present

As we saw at the beginning of this post, the first step of this ultimate life reset checklist is to evaluate your present.

Start by making an inventory of your life, what you love, what you don’t, how you like to spend your free time, the things that make you smile, and the things you want to get rid of.

One of the most effective ways you can do this is by journaling.

So to help you with this step of your life reset, here are a couple of self-reflection journal prompts:

#1 What are 5 things that you do really well?

#2 For what type of things do people usually compliment you? 

#3 Imagine that you entered a time machine and were transported to 2 years in the future; describe what your perfect day looks like over there.

#4 Which one of your already achieved goals are you the proudest of? 

#5 What is the most fantastic thing about your life right now?

#6 What are the top 5 things that bring you happiness? 

#7 What is your biggest hobby?

#8 What kind of thing would you’d be happy to do absolutely every day, even if you were not paid for it?

#9 What is your biggest dream?

#10 Describe the ONE THING that, if it happens, would make your life 100% better. Why would it make it better?

#11 What do you most admire about your personality?

#12 What is your favorite self-care activity?

 Who is the most important person in your life right now?

#15 What is your dream job?

#16 Which habits do you currently have, even though you know they are not suitable for you? 

#17 Which habits do you currently have, that make you feel good? 

#18 When you were a child, whose love did you crave the most: your mom or dad?

#19 Still on a previous question: who do you feel like you needed to be for this person (mother or father) to love you back then?*

#20 Describe how you would live if you weren’t afraid of what people think about you:

#21 How can you take one small step towards living that way?

#22 What is the first step you can take to live the way you described in question #20?

#23 If it was impossible for things to go wrong, how would you describe your dream life in a year?

#24 What is your favorite story about your childhood?

#25 Why do you treasure that story so much?

#26 What is the quality you admire the most about yourself?

#27  What makes you smile?

#28 Why is this one of your favorite body parts? 

#29 What is your biggest dream?

#30 What is your biggest accomplishment?

#31 What do you love about your life right now?

#32 What is your favorite book, and why is this your favorite book? 

#33 What makes you feel whole and peaceful?

#34 How can you add more of it into your life?

#35 Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

#36 Why do they inspire you so much?

#37 In what area in your life do you need to give yourself more grace?

#38 What negative feelings about yourself do you need to let go of?

#39 When do you feel like your best self?

#40 What are you completely passionate about?

#41 What makes you so passionate about it?

* Psychologists believe that the answer to that question undercover your most significant belief about how life works and who you must be to be happy, loved, and successful. 

Once you have made your inner reflection and answered the journal prompts, make sure you have an answer to these questions:

  • Where are you in life right now in all areas of your life? (physically, mentally, and spiritually)
  • What are the things you absolutely love about your life and want to keep?
  • What thing you are not so pleased with and would like to change?
  • What things you cannot stand and need to get rid of?
  • What is the motivational force that has encouraged you to make this life reset?

The answer to these questions will help you establish and determine your life plan which we are going to see in-depth in the next step.

The beginning of your life reset: Plan your journey

With the previous step, we have gained clarity over our starting point.

Now it´s time to map out your journey.

Meaning that in this step we´ll create a plan that will take you from point A (where you are now) to point B (where you want to be), including all the directions you need in order to achieve this.

Think of it like the maps on our phones, we have our current location, our future destination, and all the path mapped out.

But what if I don´t know where to start or what to do?

I have a little tip that will help you outline your map. 

 And this tip is to research the story and journey to success of people who have already achieved what you want.

The aim of this exercise is to understand how they did it, which tools did they need and the mistakes they made that you can learn from.

Once you have checked out a few of these success stories, start looking for the similarities and parallels between them.

What do they have in common and how can you apply this to your own life reset?

Now, don´t just copy word by word or apply everything they had to do. Remember that every person is a world and not everything will apply to you, your lifestyle, and your goals.

Instead, face this exercise with an open and curious mindset a use it as a way to inspire and motivate yourself.

Then, create a plan unique to your situation and your goals based on what you learned.

Don´t stress too much about having everything planned out since day one, it´s okay to figure things out as you go.

The goal is not to create the perfect plan, it just needs to get you started.

What should you include in your life plan?

The first thing you need to understand to successfully create a life plan is that they are kind of like a roadmap for your life where you detail and prioritize what is important to you, your biggest dreams, goals, and how to make decisions based on these things to move towards the life you want.

And in order to write this as specifically as possible, it is important to know the 5 life categories that you need to have in mind when writing these plans:

  • Finances
  • Health (both physical and mental)
  • career
  • Personal development
  • Relationships

I want you to take these categories one by one and ask yourself what goals you want to achieve in these areas of your life.

Step 1: Define your goal

We already outlined our goals in the previous section, so in this part I want you to take the time to truly define that goal.

Don´t be vague when describing your goals and dreams. Be specific, and concrete. Write so much detail that you can almost create a mental image in the brain of your dreams.

For example, if one of your dreams is to be finally financially independent don’t stop there. Ask yourself what being financially free means for you, calculate the amount of money you need to live comfortably without having to work, and research the different ways you could do this…

Make sure to use the T.A.R.G.E.T Method to help you establish realistic, achievable, tangible goals!

Now I know the list of goals may be a little long and tedious to complete but stick with me because this part is the most beneficial and important one of the whole process.

Why? Because once you have it through and written down, you will already have done half of the work, which is figuring out how to get where you want to be.

So let’s continue!

Step 2: Make a list including all the steps you need to accomplish to achieve your dreams

Now that your goals are clear, what do you need to do in order to achieve them? What steps do you need to accomplish?

If we take the example mentioned before, the steps to achieve our financial independence would look something like this:

  • Calculate your financial independence number (the amount of money you need to be financially free)
  • Research about the different ways to achieve financial freedom
  • Read stories about people who achieved this goal and how they did it
  • Choose a method to become financially free from the ones I have been studying
  • Learn more about this method chosen (read books, watch videos, follow the experts in that field)
  • Start taking action to make money following the techniques and methods I have learned about

Step 3: Prioritize tasks and establish deadlines

Once you have established your goal and the steps you need to accomplish them, it´s time to prioritize the tasks and steps you have written and assign them a deadline, because a goal without a deadline is just a dream.

This step will help you avoid the mistake of procrastinating everything, and will help to push yourself to get out of your comfort zone, and actually motivate you to complete those steps and tasks.

Don´t forget to set deadlines that are realistic and achievable, but at the same time do not exceed the time limit to complete this step. The trick is to find a balance between a deadline that is achievable but still provides a challenge.


Step 4: Set milestones

Milestones are mini goals that led up to the main goal

You can use them to keep yourself motivated throughout your journey and have something to look forward to.

To set milestones start at the top, the main goal, and work your way down to the beginning, where you are now. 

Remember to celebrate those milestones and to reward yourself every time you achieve one.

Step 5: Measure, evaluate and update

Once you have defined and worked on the previous steps and have started to follow your action plan, don´t forget about measuring your progress and evaluating your performance and achievements.

To give you an example these measures could be things like the amount of time you are investing in this goal. Or evaluating if there are any steps or tasks that you had not foreseen and need to include in your checklist. Are you satisfied with the progress you are making?

In addition to these steps here are some things you must include in your action plan:

  • A clear and well-defined description of your goal. I know this is technically the first step, but I write it here again to mark the importance of having a clear idea about what you desire.
  • The tasks you need to carry out to accomplish the goal
  • Define milestones and deadlines for the tasks and steps
  • The different resources and skills you´ll need to reach your goal
  • Set various measures by which you can evaluate your progress. This simply consists of thinking about all the ways you could measure your progress (which you will use in step 5), including the milestones you have established yourself or any other tool you can think of that can help you track this.

Life reset day. Step three: Create your vision

Now that we have an action plan, it´s time to create a vision of your future.

But isn’t my life reset plan my vision for the future?

Not really. I know these two steps sound really similar, but they each have a different purpose.

Doing a life reset is a big process and sometimes grasping the end result is difficult to visualize which can be discouraging. In the end, you feel more like daydreaming rather than imagining your soon-to-be reality.

This is why it´s essential to make your dreams tangible and create a vision for them.

And what is the best way to do this? By creating a vision board.

Vision boards are a popular manifestation method used to visualize and attract your goals and dream life. Here I have a full article focused on this technique and how to successfully create yours.

How can you stay consistent to with your life reset plan: Implementation

All this planning and reflection is great… but it´s not enough. Now there´s only left the last step on this ultimate life reset journey.

And you might be approaching this last step with dread.

But, contrary to what society has made us believe, things don´t need to be hard nor do you need to suffer in order to succeed.

Now I am not saying that you won’t have your struggles and setbacks, but you don´t have to walk on spikes the entire way either.

Motivation is not the most reliable tool you should trust when it comes to achieving your goals.

The truth is that motivation is NEVER enough. In fact, it can be damaging to rely on your motivation.

Why? Because when has our motivation been consistent?

So what´s the answer then to stay on track with your life reset?

You need to focus on two things. The first one is discipline.

The reason why successful people are successful is not because they are highly motivated but because they are incredibly disciplined and always show up no matter what.

The second thing you need to focus on is creating systems and routines, especially when talking about long-term and big goals

When you create a routine or system you are automating most of your behavior, which makes it easier to stay consistent and achieve your goals.

In this article, I have a complete guide on how to create routines that will help you achieve your goals!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the ultimate life reset checklist you need to reinvent yourself and the tips and exercises in it will help you turn your life over and build your dream reality.

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