9 Motivation killers you need to eliminate immediately

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 This post is all about these motivation killers you need to cut immediately and how to overcome them!

Do you go through cycles of feeling super motivated and not feeling like doing anything at all?

The truth is we all go through that.

You start pursuing your goals ready to get out there and shine. But at one point the excitement and motivation disappear.

Next thing you know you no longer feel like putting effort into that relationship, that new job opportunity, starting your own business, or achieving your dreams.

Time passes and you start to ask yourself what happened, what went wrong this time?

And those feelings influence the rest of your life. You start feeling guilty and disappointed in yourself for not trying harder. For not keeping your promises, and angry for being yet in the same place you began.

Motivation is basically the desire to get things done. And the difference between those who can’t wait to wake up and conquer the day and those waiting for this to happen.

My question is which group do you want to belong to?

If you are ready to discover how to stay motivated (and slay your goals), you are in the right place because today I will share with you 9 motivation killers and how to overcome them!

From setting unrealistic expectations to challenging your mindset get ready to eliminate all the things that have stopped you from achieving your goals in the past.

Let’s begin!

motivation killers

Motivation Killers. #1 Envy of others

Your energy and focus are sacred… and limited, which is why it´s important to know what things are worth focusing on and which are not.

And worrying about the people around you is not one of them. We feel envy and jealousy of others because they have something we don’t (even though we might not want to admit it).

But why do we continue to see what others are doing? Or worse try to be like someone else?

How to fix this motivation killer

To fix this motivation killer, you first need to be honest with yourself and your feelings.

Whenever you feel envy or jealousy towards others don’t sweep those feelings under the rug. Acknowledge them, understand them, and most importantly let them go.

Another thing to have in mind to overcome this motivation killer is to focus on your own path. If there is something that I´ve learned from this blog is that everyone’s path to success is different and that comparing your journey to others is incredibly harmful.

Whether you are comparing your chapter 1 with someone’s chapter 20. Or your path to someone far behind who has apparently achieved more than you, remember that we all have our time to shine

Your only competition should be past yourself.

Motivation Killers. #2 You don’t have the right support system.

One of the most common motivation mistakes people don’t realize they make is not having the right support system. Or not having one at all.

Even though you might wake up feeling like a superwoman capable of anything you set your mind to (and you are), you do not have to do it all by yourself.

And overall you don’t have to do it alone. It´s okay to ask for help. 

But this support system cannot be just anyone. It´s important to connect with the right type of people. Ones who have similar aspirations or who you know will always be there to support you.

This support system can be people from your close circle or you can go into the internet to find them (ex. Facebook groups, Instagram, Reddit…)

How to fix this motivation mistake

If you have a support group, review how comfortable you feel with the people in it. Cut the people that suck the motivation out of you. 

If you don’t have a support group or want to create a new one, look for like-minded people or an accountability partner* who will support, understand and push you toward your dreams, even when you feel like giving up.

*An accountability partner is basically someone who supports another person to keep a commitment to a dream goal.

Motivation killers. #3 Not setting T.A.R.G.E.T. Goals

Yes, even though it seems insignificant the way you set your goals can determine whether you achieve your objectives or not.

Because goal setting is more than just throwing out an idea and hoping that you will achieve it (which is why so many people fail to achieve their new year’s resolutions).

Whenever setting a goal, set yourself up for success from day one by using the T.A.R.G.E.T. method (tangible, affirmative, realistic, gains, evidence, and time-based).

How to fix this mistake

You can easily lose motivation if the goal you are setting is too unrealistic. 

The method we just talked about will help you:

  • (Tangible) establish exactly what you want to achieve.
  • (Affirmative) make sure that your goals are positive.
  • (Realistic) review that your goal is achievable.
  • (Gain) reflect on what you gain and lose by achieving this goal.
  • (Evidence) picture the exact moment in which you have achieved your goal.
  • (Time) set a deadline, because a goal without a deadline is just a dream!

You can learn more about this method and how to set T.A.R.G.E.T. goals in this article right here!

When setting goals it´s also important to create a solid action plan, start with small goals, create systems that support your objectives and finally reward yourself.

How to overcome lack of motivation. Lack of clear purpose.

Believe it or not, sometimes we set goals without really knowing why we started pursuing that dream in the first place.

And let me tell you whatever you want to achieve, you will encounter setbacks, roadblocks, and a thousand other things that will make you want to quit.

That is why you need a strong why. What is the reason behind these goals? Why should you accomplish it? What is pushing you to do better in this area of your life?

Motivation killers. #5 Mindset

From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep the way you view the world is determined by one thing: your mindset.

It´s the way you interpret things, and how you deal with difficulties, it influences the way you speak, think, and act.

And this mindset is based on a set of beliefs, which are repeated ideas recorded in the subconscious.

See when we are born our mind is like a computer, it´s completely blank. But as we grow up, we start to record everything that happens to us. And based on these experiences a set of beliefs is formed.

These beliefs are also determined by your education, your parents, the place you grew up in, etc.

The thing is not all the beliefs we have are positive or empowering ones. In fact, most of them are limiting, stopping us from going after our dreams, making changes, and stepping out of our comfort.

This is why paying attention to your mindset and eliminating your limiting beliefs is so essential.

As we said earlier having a support group is highly important to achieve your goals. But before this, there is another “support team” you need to cultivate.

And that is your mindset. 

Fear, self-doubt, and lack of confidence are some of the biggest roadblocks on our way to success. And sadly most of the time they win the battle.

Your doubt drains your motivation and your fear creates procrastination. 

How to fix this

Work on your mindset. I know it´s easier said than done. And to be honest it´s not a simple, one-time task. But it’s essential to create an empowering mindset that motivates you to keep trying and getting back up every time you fail.

Challenge your negative thoughts, remind yourself of your potential, and your capabilities, and learn as much as you can about how to neutralize these limiting beliefs.

Step by step every day you will start advancing towards a more positive mindset until you become your best motivator!

Click here to read the ultimate guide on self limiting beliefs and how to overcome them!

motivation killers. #6 Inconsistency

We set goals because we are looking for a change in our lives. We want our own business so that we can be free in the way we spend our days and make our money. 

We want to eat healthier because we want to take better care of our bodies and health, get in shape, etc.

The thing about change is that people often think of it as a drastic and dramatic experience, like turning a switch on in a dark room.

But the truth is that you only notice real-life, long-lasting change when it starts accumulating.

It’s something small, boring, routinary, unnoticeable even.

Because success is not built on big, inconsistent actions. It comes from what you do consistently. It´s based on your daily habits and routine.

This is why being inconsistent with your actions is soo harmful when trying to achieve your goals.

How to fix being inconsistent

When we set a goal we normally go full force with trying to achieve it, we drastically change our routine, habits, diet… All this at once.

But most of the time, we either stop pursuing our goals altogether because we find it’s too dam difficult, or we end burnout.

My 2 best tips to avoid this are: changing the way you work towards your goals and starting small.

Remember change is the accumulation of small actions. So do that, start small. Divide your goals into bite-size tasks and objectives. Inlcude daily activities that help you move towards your goals. Focus on the day the day and the step you have in front of you.

Motivation killers. #7 lack of visible progress

Honestly, one of the motivation mistakes I struggle with the most is being frustrated because of a lack of results.

You know the feeling when you are constantly spinning your wheels, putting all your effort and attention towards achieving something, and feeling like you are not making any real progress over time?

It feels terrifying and highly unmotivating. And although it has almost gotten the best out of me in some situations, I´ve learned that it´s important to not be over-fixed on how long it´s taking you to achieve a goal.

The downfall of being impatient is you can become so fixed on the end goals that you don´t appreciate the journey.

How to overcome being impatient

Remember to run at your own pace and not stress about time. The important thing is that you arrive at your final destination, not how fast you did it.

Understand and respect that not all goals are in your control and that just because you dont see any results doesn’t mean anything is happening.

And finally, know that GROWTH IS NOT LINEAR.

With any goal that you set for yourself (fitness-like, self-love-like, dream-like…), you need to know that you will not advance toward the finish line in a straight line.

Sometimes we have drawbacks, sometimes we go two steps forward and three steps back. And that is completely okay.

Setting unrealistic expectations

Rome wasn’t conquered in a day. The same way that you are not going to become your best self overnight.

This motivation killer is especially for all fellow overachievers out there. If you can relate to this then you know how frustrating it can feel to set yourself dozens of goals and objectives only to be left with disappointing progress and a list full of incomplete goals.

And then the little voice in your head comes in, telling you that you are not good enough and will never make it.

But let me tell you something, you are good enough and can achieve all the goals you set for yourself.

However, you are projecting impossible standards, even for the superwoman that you are. So let’s tone it down and start with the basics.

How to fix this motivation killer

This method will help you to focus on what is essential. And it´s all about creating momentum with weekly wins by setting only 3 goals/week.

The power created by those wins will start a change in your self-perception. You will start thinking of yourself as someone who gets things done, creating a sense of being proud of who you are. And that’s amazing!

Have in mind that you are not taking a step back by only setting 3 goals. In reality, you are allowing yourself to consistently grow while learning to prioritize.

Important note. Motivation isn’t everything.

Before we end this post I want to talk about one more mistake that is stopping you from achieving your goals. And, although a bit contradictory, it´s relying on your motivation.

Building the life of your dreams and reaching your life goals is not easy, or a piece of cake, because if it were everyone would be doing it.

But why?

Because to have the life you have always wanted, you´ll have to do the things you have never done.

To achieve success and the life of your dreams, you have to change the things you are currently doing and how you are living your life, meaning your mindset, beliefs, habits, your attitude…

Because when we constantly do the things we do not want to do, that is when we achieve our goals. And that is where self discipline comes in.

But what does being disciplined exactly mean?

Having self-discipline means choosing between what you want now and what you want most, it means ignoring current pleasure for future rewards.

But not only that because self-discipline is also the biggest form of self-love you can master because when you have self-discipline you are loving yourself enough to give yourself everything you have always wanted.

The way I see it, every day we have a choice, either the pain of growth or the pain of regret.

So my only question left for you is: which one are you choosing today?

Achieving your goals is a process, one that takes time!

There is no such thing as overnight success. Although that’s how most success stories are shown in the media, they rarely mention how persistent and consistent they had to be to actually succeed.

Remember to focus on one step at a time, a task at a day, and slaying your goals.

Motivation is the fuel to achieve your dreams, but it´s not the only necessary part to make it. You will also need:

  • A clear, specific, and achievable goal. 
  • A right  support system
  • A healthy, positive, and empowering mindset
  • Focus on your own path and be patient with your goals.
  • Develop your self discipline

Blog posts mentioned on this post:

And that was all for today my friend. If you made it to the end of the article, thank you so much for investing your time in it.

I hope the tips, tools, and resources will help you eliminate your motivation killer and slay your goals.

Remember that are worthy of even your deepest and wildest desires!

Now I want to hear about you. What motivation killer do you struggle with the most? I´d love to read you in the comments!

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