How to create killer productive routines to achieve your goals

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This post is all about how to create killer productive routines to achieve your goals.

Okay, so you´ve set your new year goals, and you created an action plan on how you plan to achieve them. You have in your back all the motivation and illusion of starting to conquer those goals.

But now what?

What is the best way to start, and ensure I will actually achieve my goals this time?

Well, what if I told you there is a very powerful tool, which you already know about, that you could maximize to help you achieve your goals and build your dream life?

And what is this incredibly powerful tool you ask?

Routines. Yes, those daily actions and habits, the backbone of our days and lives. 

Routines are the perfect tool that when used intentionally will help you achieve your goals and any objective you set for yourself. Living with a consciously crafted routine for a couple of months not only helps you destroy bad habits but also builds new ones that will give you the power to transform your life for the better.

Are you ready to discover exactly how to do this? Then let’s begin!

productive routines

Why are productive routines great?

Consistency. Routines have the power to create consistency in your daily life, which is crucial when goal planning and need to balance your personal life, work, social life, etc.

Routines when repeated frequently, become very powerful habits. Creating and specifically building good habits in your life that you know are going to help you achieve your goals has a huge impact on your subconscious mind.

Because in the end, a habit is an automated action that our subconscious carries out unconsciously, which means you will reach a point at which you will unconsciously carry out actions (habits) that will help you to achieve your objectives.

Helps you work on your personal development every day. The thing about routines is that we are constantly using them. Whether you are aware of it or not you have a daily routine, made up of actions that highly determine your success, results, performance, etc…

My question is why not use it consciously?

Your ideal routine should be intentional and should help you achieve specific goals. Routines when planned out will also help you rest and create a balance in your life that will motivate you to keep going in the long run.

Develop your self-discipline. No matter the routine you create, when you make the effort to stick to it you are also developing your self-discipline, a key factor you need to master to achieve your goals.

So how can we actually create these incredibly powerful productive routines to support our goals?

How to create productive routines to achieve your goals

No matter the goals you set for yourself, if you consistently fail to achieve them then you should take a serious look at your daily routines, including what you do in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

Remember that it’s the little things that when done repeatedly and intentionally create long-term success and achievement. 

When creating these routines I want you to look at them this way. Imagine you want to build a lego house, now before you start building it you have a clear list of several things you want this house to have like 2 bathrooms, a cozy reading nook, a welcoming and practical kitchen, etc. So with these goals in mind, you start building the lego house block by block.

In this metaphor, your daily routines are the little blocks that, when added up create the house a.k.a your life, and the list of characteristics you want the house to have to represent the things you want to achieve in life.

So what I want you to do before crazily starting to build your routines is to create two lists.

The first one is a list called non-negotiables and it includes all the things you “need” to do daily to feel happy, productive, and balanced. This doesn’t include the time you dedicate to work or other projects you are working on.

For example one of my non-negotiable tasks every day is doing my bed in the morning because it helps me start my day with a feeling of clarity and achievement. Another of my non-negotiables is moving my body every day because it helps my self-confidence and productivity.

For the second one, I want you to write a list of actions that would support you in achieving your goals. 

Once you have the list created, go ahead and write down next to each of them how often would you have to repeat these actions to actually achieve your goals.

For example, if one of your goals is to read 30 books this year, you would include in this list the action of reading X number of pages a day/week to achieve this goal.

If you want to achieve your financial independence and one of the steps to achieve it is to learn more about money management and finances, you could schedule 1 hour of learning every week for example.

Okay so, with these two lists, you now have the building blocks you need to build your house. Let’s see the 4 types of routines you can create to help you build your dream life.

Productive Morning Routines

The most powerful routine you can implement in your life is a morning routine. People who have an intentional morning routine often have more motivation to complete tasks throughout the day and be more productive.

The first moments in the day are crucial and have a huge influence on the rest of the day. This is why defining your morning routine is a great place to start.

The impact of waking up early in your morning routine

Listen I’m the first one to sleep in late whenever I can. 

However, waking up early has a great impact on your life. For example, waking up just one hour earlier than usual equals 365 more hours in a year which equals 15 days of work. Now if you multiply this by a few years… you get the idea.

Aside from the extra time that waking up early has, it also helps decrease stress levels and improve mental health.

To keep things as simple and easy as possible make sure you use tools you are comfortable with, for example, routine apps, pen and paper, using timers, and anything that will help you stick to those routines.

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Night routines

How do you end your day?

The truth is that night routines are just as powerful as morning routines and they are the best way to unwind after work, take care of your mental and physical well-being, and reflect over the day.

When creating your night routine focus on activities for your well-being, personal development, and sleep quality.

You could include activities like journaling, stretching, meditating, reading, cleaning up your workspace…

If you need the inspiration to create your night routine, here are a couple of ideas you could try

Weekly routines

Weekly routines and, more specifically, weekend routines are also excellent for staying productive, unwinding, and resetting before a new week.

We all like to enjoy our weekends, especially Sundays, as much as possible since they feel so short compared to the rest of the week. We all enjoy using our time to enjoy the peace and the opportunity to not have to worry about work/school-related stuff.

But then the week comes, faster than we wished for and if we are being honest, less prepared than we would like to be. We start the week, still longing for the weekend ou regretting the little number of tasks we had planned to carry out but never did.

However, the truth is that the weekends are a great time to reassess and dedicate time to all those tasks we cant do during the week as well as rest and reset for the new week to come.

It´s important to find a balance between resting and doing the habits that will help us change our life for the better.

Monthly Productive Routines

Monthly routines are essential to make sure we don’t forget our goals and aspirations. It´s incredibly easy to get lost in the daily routine, the tasks, the little things…

The start or the end of a month is the perfect moment to take a look at the bigger picture, track our progress, and reassess our goals and action plan when necessary.

Another thing I highly encourage you to try is to add a little something rewarding to this routine and make it special, especially when you have a busy schedule.

It could be anything like going on a shopping spree, buying yourself flowers, eating out, etc.

Tips on how to stick to your new routines

Now that we have gone over the four types of routines, what I want you to do is take those two lists and start playing around with the tasks you have in your daily life and the habits that will support you in achieving your goals until you find a combination you feel good and comfortable with.

Nobody said that starting a new routine would be a piece of cake, so here are a couple of tips on how to stick to your productive routines.

Make it fun. Getting into a new routine doesn’t have to be hard or boring, you can always look for ways to make it more enjoyable. Find a workout partner, and create an uplifting playlist. Think of ways to make new habits more fun. This will help you stay consistent in the long run and actually see results.

Track your progress. One way you could do this is by crossing off a calendar of the days you manage to stick to your productive routines and create a streak challenge.

Focus on two weeks at a time. Commit to sticking to a new routine two weeks at a time. At the end of those two weeks reflect and assess what worked, what you still need to try, and things you would like to change to improve your routine. If you are starting with a basic daily routine this is a great moment to start adding more tasks to those routines.

Reward yourself. Once you have fallen into a routine on a consistent basis make sure to reward yourself for your progress and achievement.

Leave room for spontaneity. Remember that sticking to a routine shouldn’t be exhausting (if it feels that way maybe it’s time to reassess). If you are someone who feels comfortable with having a plan for every minute of the day then go ahead. 

If that makes you feel “trapped” make sure to leave some room for spontaneity and improvising.

Less is more, especially in the beginning. Linked to the tip we just mentioned, if you overbook your days you are going to feel overwhelmed very quickly.

Sometimes more is less, which is why at the beginning especially I want you to create an MVR (minimum viable routine). Start with the most important activities to you, the key habits you know you have to do every day to stay on track. As you get more comfortable with that routine you can start to add more activities to it.

Final thoughts on how to create productive routines to achieve your goals

Routines are an essential part of our days, and we often forget the importance and influence they have in our success.

However creating a new routine or reassessing the ones you have doesn’t have to be hard, overwhelming, or time-consuming, remember to make it fun, track your progress and reward yourself.

Intentionally designing your routines is a great first step when working towards your goals, but don’t forget that consistency is key to seeing results.

Remember to believe in yourself and that you are worthy of even your deepest desire!

What are some of your daily non-negotiable actions? I´d love to read you in the comments!v

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