The 7 Universal Laws of the Universe (part 3)

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We all know and have learned in school that the world is governed by the laws of physics, such as gravity.

What we were not taught in school is that the complex and precious world we live in is governed by universal laws that condition and alter our lives.

In the previous articles (The 7 Universal Laws of the Universe- part 1 and The 7 Universal Laws of the Universe- part 2) we learned that because of the Mentalism Law we create our own reality with our mind. We know now that we live in a world of dualities- the inner world and the outer world and that inside our inner world, meaning the Metaphysical world there is an infinite field of variables, of possible futures. Our thoughts are the ones that decide which variable manifests itself in the Physical world – the outer world. Now emotions are the ones in charge of giving life to that variable.

We know thanks to the Vibration principle that everything is composed of energy and that everything has a vibration. Your brain emits a certain vibration that has attracted and attracts anything that matches your vibrational frequency.

Now, my question to you is, are you ready to keep learning about these laws and how to use them to live the life of your dreams?

Let´s continue…

Principle of Rhythm

The law of Rhythm is the one that attracts to you those things that vibrate in the frequency that you do. It is what makes your thoughts manifest on the physical plane, bringing you to the pole that corresponds … if you do not generate a potential excess.

Wait, what is excess energy?

The law of equilibrium

Everything in the universe tries to keep itself in balance. Even our body has a specific process through which it balances all areas of the body, it is called homeostasis. This process regulates the body if, for example, it is not properly hydrated by secreting an antidiuretic hormone. Or when there is an excess of sugar in the blood, the liver secretes insulin to return to normal sugar levels.

Nature, as a part of the universe, has its own mechanisms and processes to restore balance. This process is called the equiponderant forces. Whenever an excess of energy is created towards one of the poles, these forces try to balance it by bringing it towards the opposite pole.

Think of these forces and life as a pendulum. The pendulum is in charge of maintaining the energy flow, it moves from one side to the other, from one pole to the other.

Now imagine that you strike this pendulum. It will move up and then back down again, moving from one side to the other.

But what happens when we hit the pendulum with too much force? Instead of moving from one pole to the other, it will go all the way back to the opposite pole.

What destabilizes the pendulum is not the excess of energy but the excess of importance that we apply.

Have you ever tried to manifest something in your life but no matter how much you visualized it, nothing happened?

This happens because of two possible errors that lead the pendulum to destabilize and end up in the opposite pole.

The first problem may be because you are not living in the present. The key is to visualize but when you finish be grateful for what you have and concentrate on the present, in what is happening now.

The second mistake is because you only visualize, but you don’t take action.

The two best ways to control excess energy are precisely by living in the present and taking action.

Why is it that it is the excess of importance that unsettles the pendulum?

When we fear something, it is because we desire it with too much intensity. And when we desire something too intensely, we fear losing it.

That is precisely what makes our dreams go away from us, FEAR.

Did you know that when you get impatient for something that you are really doing is pushing it away from you?

Impatience is an emotion that creates barriers around us that makes our dreams and what we want to manifest move away. Why?

Remember that in life there are two poles, positive or negative. Does impatience originate from love or fear?

Impatience comes from the fear of not getting what we want. We want to see it now because we are afraid that it will not happen.

3 steps to control our impatience

1º- Believe wholeheartedly that what you want is possible, that it will happen. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Think about what you want, not how, the universe will take care of that part.

2º- Keep in mind the law of gestation (which we will see in a moment). Everything has a process. Give the universe time to restructure and bring you what you want.

3º- Look for the signs. The universe will send you signs that what you desire will soon be yours. Follow them and trust them.

Importance v.s. Intention/ Desire

Move toward your dreams as you would go for bread or the mail – with the conviction and assurance that when you go they will be there. You simply go and get it.

Want to know a secret?

When you feel the need for something in your mind it is because you are already predisposed to have it. The moment you can think it is because you are ready for it. That need/desire is there for you. And it’s yours, you just have to go and get it.

Your only job is to remove the barriers that you yourself have created that prevent you from having what you desire.

The problem is that when we give it too much importance it’s because we don’t quite trust that it’s ours.

The only thing that stands between you and your dreams is yourself. Your doubts, your fears, your insecurities, your mistrust… all this keeps you away from what you desire.

Remember that your dreams are out there waiting for you. You are ready, you are already worthy of them. The only thing you need to do is to tear down those walls and barriers you have created around you.

About fear

Want to know the key to beating fear? Are you ready?

Fear does not exist. What we are most afraid of is not real. Do you know why?

Fear is the anticipation of pain. We feel fear because we believe that something will be painful for us. But it doesn’t exist, because tomorrow doesn’t exist, it is something that exists in our mind, but no one is assured of tomorrow. Therefore fear does not exist, it is something that is in our minds.

Why does fear exist?

Our mind has a job, a very clear objective that is our survival. The brain is always looking for something that is wrong or that can harm us. When it finds something, it starts shouting “watch out, danger, there’s a problem!”

Fear does not exist, it is a product of our mind, it is a thought. But the difference between a thought and a fact is measurable, repeatable. But a thought is just a concept product of your beliefs…

Don’t confuse importance with passivity

Not giving importance to something in our life does not mean that we are not afraid of losing it. Not giving importance to something does not mean that you don’t care about it and not making an effort.

Importance can be positive or negative. The positive importance is the one that makes you enjoy and give the very best of yourself. The negative importance is the one that makes you be in a state of nerves, stress, worry, fear…

The trick is to think I want such a thing and whether I have it or not I will be happy anyway – my happiness does not depend on this. By doing this we are fulfilling a very important step when we manifest, which is to let it go.

Life is not waiting for the storm to pass; it is learning to dance in the rain.

Learn to accept help

We love to help people. But when other people want to help us, our ego and a feeling of guilt answer things like: “you shouldn’t have bothered”, “thanks, but I can’t accept it”, “you didn’t have to do that”…

They seem harmless phrases, but when we do not accept the help of other people we are taking away their opportunity to feel good.

Also, when you express out loud that it was not necessary, that it was not needed or that you cannot accept it, the universe takes those words as truth and as a consequence, its corresponding material manifests in the physical plane.

The law of gestation

Everything in the universe has a gestation process. Everything obeys a pattern, everything has its time. Nobody knows how long it will take for something to manifest in your life. It depends on your energy, on the intention you put into it, on your impatience… It is important to know that for something to manifest it needs time. Often when we see that something does not manifest in our life, we begin to get impatient and be afraid, which only causes what we want to move away from us.

How to stop worrying

Whatever is happening to us does not have a meaning, in fact, we are the ones who give it one depending on how we feel. If you are feeling bad, you will give it a negative meaning to that situation. If you feel good, you will give it a positive situation.

We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are

AnaÏs Nin.

How we feel depends on our approach and our beliefs. In a situation, there is always a negative and a positive part. The part you choose to focus on is the part you will see more of in your life.

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