70 Best sunday affirmations to prepare for the new week

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This post is all about the 70 best sunday affirmations.

I can’t be the only one who has woken up on Monday only to feel like a wreck and like I’m already behind my to-do list.

I mean sometimes staying in bed looks really compelling on Mondays.

But Sundays can feel stressful too. It’s easy to fall into negativity and stress because Monday is just around the corner.

You feel the pressure to be productive and make the most out of your weeks.

But, there is something that has not only helped me start my weeks full of motivation and energy but also help me enjoy my Sundays in a way that feels good both on the inside and the outside.

What am I talking about exactly?

Sunday reset routines, especially including affirmations in this routine.

I love these types of routines not only because they help me boost my productivity and shift my mindset.

But because of the other many benefits that it has like keeping you organized and in control of your week and decreasing stress.

That is why in this post, you’ll find all types of sunday affirmations, going from sunday morning affirmations, nighttime affirmations, powerful Monday affirmations, self-care sunday affirmations, and more!

So get ready to kiss goodbye to messy Sundays (and Mondays) and boost your sunday motivation!

And make sure to stick to the end of the article because I will be sharing with you 3 ways you can easily incorporate affirmations into your daily life.

Let’s begin!

best sunday affirmations

Sunday Positive affirmations

  1. I pause and think of the week ahead. I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my dreams
  2. I give myself everything I need to thrive
  3. I create space for myself to flourish
  4. Every day, I grow stronger, smarter, and more confident in myself
  5. I am exuding peace, calm, and groundedness
  6. I’m going to feel guided by my intuition as I go about next week.
  7. I’m letting go of anything that didn’t serve me as I step into next week
  8. I treat myself with love and compassion
  9. I release all the bad experiences from this week
  10.  Today I choose to let go of everything that I can’t control
  11. I don’t need to stress about the week ahead of me, I can feel at ease
  12. I’m allowing myself to do what is right for me
  13. I’m allowed to say no to anything that doesn’t contribute to my happiness
  14. Today I’m going to do what is best for me
  15. I give myself everything I need to thrive
  16. I pause and think of the week ahead. I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my dreams
  17. I am capable of completing difficult tasks
  18. I’m grateful for my life, even on bad days

Sunday morning affirmations

  1. I greet the morning with gratitude and happiness
  2. This Sunday I am taking time for myself
  3. Today I’m focusing on moments of slowness as a nice break from my fast-paced week
  4. I am choosing to make the most out of my sunday
  5. I allow myself to relax this day as I know I gave my best each day
  6. I am freeing myself from the anxiety that brings me down
  7. Today I allow myself to rest and relax
  8. I’m focusing on moments of slowness as a nice break from my fast-paced week
  9. I wake up this Sunday feeling energetic and enthusiastic about life
  10. Today, I will take care of myself by eating well and treating my body with respect
  11. I promise to prioritize myself this Sunday
  12. Today, I will listen to my body and make it a priority to meet my needs
  13. Today I will do more of what brings me joy
  14. This sunday I will acknowledge each small moment and smile whenever possible

Nighttime affirmations to end the day on a perfect note

  1. I feel prepared for the new week ahead of me
  2. Tomorrow is a new chance to work on my goals, but right now is a time to relax
  3. As I fall asleep, I ease into a quiet mind
  4. I am going to stay in the moment of this Sunday night instead of living in the future of tomorrow
  5. I am welcoming the abundance of good that next week will bring me
  6. I give myself permission to relax and let go of the day
  7. Today, I did my best, and I am free to rest now
  8. I enjoy peaceful sleep every night
  9. I am looking forward to a bright morning tomorrow
  10. I am able to let go of today’s imperfections
  11. I am grateful for today

Sunday self-care affirmations to have a great rest day

  1. Sunday is the day I most deserve to prioritize rest and self care
  2. I deserve to be my number one priority today
  3. I’m allowed to say no to anything that threatens my well-being
  4. Today I choose to protect my peace and well-being
  5. It’s okay to put myself first and take care of myself
  6. I release all worries and stress and choose to trust in the plans the universe/God/ etc. has for me
  7. I’m allowed to say no to anything that threatens my well-being
  8. I am capable of getting through challenges
  9. Today, I make space for myself and honor my needs
  10. I succeed and thrive when I feel rested and fulfilled

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Powerful Monday affirmations to start the week with intentions

  1. Why be moody when I can shake my booty?
  2. Even the worst of my days only have 24 hours
  3. I’m going to work so I don’t have to settle for champagne taste on a malt liquor budget
  4. This day is mine for the taking
  5. I am going to view this day through the lens of gratitude
  6. I wake up feeling strong, empowered, and energized
  7. I inhale confidence and calm and exhale negative and toxic vibes
  8. I open my heart to receive all the opportunities that come my way this week
  9. I have the power to create a beautiful day for myself
  10. I trust my intuition to make the right decision for myself
  11. This week I will be striving for progress, not perfection
  12. I am using this Monday as an opportunity to show up as my highest self
  13. This week I’ll focus on the things I can control and let go of what I can’t
  14. I commit to maintaining and adding good habits into my life
  15. I don’t have to do the things I’m doing today. I get to do the things I’m doing today
  16. It’s okay to have ups and downs
  17. I’m letting this start of the week to empower me to achieve great things

How to use affirmations in your life

Now you have this master list of the 70 best sunday affirmations. But how do you use them?

When you are first starting out, using affirmations in your day-to-day can seem a little overwhelming and daunting.

But here I want to share with you 3 very simple ways you can start using affirmations to shift your mindset and overcome your limiting beliefs.

Daily affirmations practice

This method is all about using affirmations in your daily routine. 

As always it’s important that you choose affirmations that resonate with your goals, and core values. 

One of the biggest mistakes people make is choosing the first affirmations they come across without stopping to think if they actually believe in it or not.

Because if you are not able to believe the affirmation you are repeating, then it’s of no use.

It’s like trying to create a hole in a wall with a small rock. You might be able to make a dent or two overcome, but that’s about it.

That is why it’s important that you choose affirmations that sound believable to you and that resonate with your intentions.

Once you have chosen yours repeat these affirmations aloud or silently to yourself at least once a day.

This could be in the morning right after you wake, while you are putting yourself together in front of the mirror, or even at night before you go to bed.

However one of my favorite methods will always be using affirmation cards. 

 What I do is I simply choose one for the day write it in my gratitude journal and try to read it a couple of times a day or put it in a visible place in my workspace. 

That way I can remind myself of this affirmation whenever my negative inner dialogue starts talking. 

Another great thing about these is that you can use them with any method you choose and because they come in a portable size you can take them with you everywhere so that you practice your affirmations even on the bus.

Now, there are many affirmation cards out there depending on what you want to focus on (self-love, manifestation, mindfulness, etc.) But my all-time favorites will always be these ones.

Most affirmation cards are beautifully done, but I just find it difficult to believe the affirmations on them because they are too overly positive and corny.

(Something you know now is a huge mistake)

That’s one of the things I love most about this affirmation deck. The affirmations are the perfect balance between mantras that challenge your negative thoughts while still being believable and relatable.

Not to mention their beautifully aesthetic design and great quality.

So if you have ever thought about trying affirmation cards, make sure to check out these ones first!

Visualization and Affirmations

Another method you can try is to combine affirmations with visualization.

Although it is a bit more of an elaborate practice these are two of the most used manifestation techniques.

How can you use visualization and affirmations?

Well, firstly make sure to find a quiet and calm space to try this practice.

Then create a clear mental image of yourself already embodying your desired outcome or goal. 

For example, if you want to have a relaxing sunday dedicated to self care and recharging your batteries, imagine yourself living this day.

Think about the activities you would do, what are you wearing, if there are any people with you, you do you want to feel.

Visualize even the smallest detail and let yourself be carried away by it.

Then, pair this visualization with your affirmations that reinforce that image. 

For example, if your affirmation is, “I am confident and successful,” imagine yourself confidently achieving your goals, visualize the positive emotions associated with success, and repeat the affirmation to reinforce these images in your mind. 

Using these methods together can make affirmations more believable and real, helping you help you connect with your intentions on a deeper level.

Affirmation journaling

And finally, the last method is affirmation journaling.

Writing affirmations in a journal can be a powerful method to internalize positive beliefs and track your progress. 

To use this technique try to schedule some reflection/journaling time into your day and write down in a journal or notebook your affirmations. While you are doing this practice you can also do a little visualization exercise or take breaks between affirmations to truly internalize each one.

In addition to this, you can add daily reflections, gratitude, and milestones related to your goals or affirmations so that you can track your progress.

If you are ready to break the “Sunday negativity cycle” and start the new week on the best note, then you need to try these sunday positive affirmations.

Choose the ones that resonate the most with you from the entire list. If you are not used to using affirmations you can also choose one of the methods I shared with you to start your own practice.

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