The 7 Universal Laws of the Universe (part 2)

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We all know and have learned in school that the world is governed by the laws of physics, such as gravity.

What we were not taught in school is that the complex and precious world we live in is governed by universal laws that condition and alter our lives.

In the previous article, we learned about the Mentalism and Correspondence Principle as well as different ways to use them in our daily life.

Now, are you ready to learn about the Polarity and Vibrational Principle and how to use them to live the life of your dreams?

Polarity principle

Everything is dual, everything has two poles. Everything has its pair of opposites, the similar and the antagonistic are the same.

Remember what we talked about in the previous article about the dual world?

Well, dualities vibrate at the same frequency, but with different degrees, where the positive vibration is always the highest, and the negative vibration vibrates lower.

For example, in the duality of happy-sad, the feeling of happiness would have the highest vibration and sadness the lowest vibration. But both are within the same spectrum.

Now I want you to ask yourself a question: is the good in your world a choice or is it the normal state of things?

Well, to answer that question I will ask another one: does darkness exist?

If we look at the Internet, darkness is defined as the lack of light.

Does cold exist, or is it a name we made up to describe the lack of warmth? And what about evil, the negative things that happen in our world? Are they real or is evil yet another word we made up to describe the lack of good?

Good is the natural state of things, we choose evil, we decide if we believe we are in a state of negativity. When we stop choosing evil, normality is good.

What does our polarity depend on regarding daily events?

When we experience a situation, we acquire information about the experience through our senses. This information is then sent to the brain, which processes it and labels it through language.

That message provokes an emotion of either fear or love.

Fear and love are the two great energies into which emotions are divided. Fear can also mean anger, doubt, rage, pain, worry – all these emotions originate from fear. Love means joy, peace, faith, contentment…

When we are in a certain situation, the senses quickly pick up the information and send it to the brain which labels it. This whole process happens very quickly and in a matter of seconds, you have a response and an emotion circulating through your system. Then the nervous system activates the state of survival if the emotion in question is fear, or the state of growth if it is love.

Now what determines whether you polarize positively or negatively in a situation are your beliefs – they are what give meaning to everything you perceive through your senses. They are the glasses through which we see and make sense of the world.

Love and Fear

In the previous article, we learned that in the Metaphysical world, meaning the inner world, there is an infinite field of variables, of possible futures. Our thoughts are the ones that decide which variable manifests itself in the Physical world – the outer world. Now emotions are the ones in charge of giving life to that variable.

There are two basic emotions in the world – LOVE and FEAR. Every thought you have ever had is accompanied by one of these two feelings. Every action and decision you take has as its origin one of these two emotions. These two feelings are the ones that activate the variable so that it can manifest in our life.

There are only two paths in our life. What we choose today will mark our tomorrow. Fear or love.

Always position yourself in the path of love, in the positive pole. Remember that our mind has the ability to create our reality, that our thoughts choose the variable that we see manifested in our lives. All of this is happening right now in fact, the present you see manifesting today is a consequence of your thoughts and emotions of yesterday.

If you don’t like what you see, what you are living, stop and reflect on your thoughts and beliefs. Which of the two emotions are driving your decisions? What would you like to see manifested in your life? Which variable?

Any situation in our life has two poles, positive or negative, love or fear. If you place it in the positive pole, good will manifest in your life. If you place it in the negative pole, you will see it manifested in evil.

How to polarize your negative emotions?

Negative emotions are the opposite pole of our positive emotions. And following the principle of polarity, opposite poles are attracted to each other. This means that when we overcome them, we appear in the opposite pole, that is to say, the positive pole.

1º technique to change the polarity of our vibration.

This technique is very simple and one that you can do anytime, anywhere.

It consists of altering the meaning of a situation using humor.

For example:

“I have failed in a very exciting way.”

“I lost 50€ in the street, lucky me!”

By using this technique, we break the pattern of negative thoughts and emotions, restoring the balance of our vibration.

2º technique to change the polarity of our thoughts

Write down your negative emotions.

We tend to have a bad tendency to ignore our emotions, especially when they are negative or painful. But ignoring and hiding our emotions never ends well, when we avoid our emotions we are creating a resistance that ends up generating more of what we are running away from.

But by writing down our negative emotions and allowing ourselves to feel them we eliminate their presence and return to our natural state which is wellness. Any negative emotions we have come from fear, this happens when our mind seeks the logical manifestation of our situation. Besides, when we write down what we feel, not only do we make these emotions disappear, but the situation, in general, begins to lose intensity and dramatist.

Vibration principle

“All physical matter, everything that surrounds us, is the result of a frequency, and that means also, that if it is altered, the structure of matter will change.”

David Wilcock

Everything around us – objects, people – is composed of atoms. These atoms have around them electrodes that rotate at a high speed and emit a vibration.

Everything is composed of energy and everything has a vibration. Even colors. For example, white is created due to the union of all the colors seen in light. Black is also created by the union of all colors but seen in the dark, moreover black is the color with the lowest vibration, unlike white – the color with the highest vibration. Black and white are two colors belonging to the same pole, but with very different degrees of vibration.

A house has a vibration, the car of your dreams has a vibration, yellow flowers have a vibration…

The universe is composed of atoms, which in turn are composed of small vortices of energy and the union of the atoms is formed thanks to these vortices of energy that form a joint vibration.

Humans as part of the universe that we are, we are also made of energy, of the unions of these atoms thanks to the small vortices of energy. This means that we also emit a vibration.

There are people who consciously or unconsciously refer to this vibration as the feeling or vibe that a certain object transmits to you.

A person’s vibrational frequency is determined by his or her mental process and emotions.

Our thoughts emit a vibration that travels in all directions. Like a drop falling into a pond, creating ripples that expand in all directions.

These vibrations originating in the brain travel through the ether affecting the matter it encounters and attracting to you matter that matches its frequency.

Our mental processes, thoughts, and feelings determine the vibration we radiate. This signal determines which objects obey this vibration and attract each other.

The interesting thing is that when we unite the vibration of our thoughts with that of our emotions, a third signal is created, much stronger than the previous ones that work like a magnet to attract matter that vibrates in the same way.

Everything you have in your life you have attracted to you through your vibrational frequency; because similar vibrations vibrate together.

Negative thoughts are shady and have a very low vibrational frequency unlike positive thoughts, which vibrate at a high frequency.

Our vibrational frequency is 90% due to our beliefs.

In order to change our vibrational pattern and increase the frequency of our thoughts, we must first become aware of our thoughts and emotions at all times.

“There is nothing else that is entirely in our power than our thoughts”


If your thoughts are positive, you will bring according to the vibrational principle more positive situations in your life.

Happiness is a state of mind and a state of consciousness that emits a specific vibration and attracts to you its equivalent. The same is true for love, poverty, success…

All of them are states of consciousness that we internalize, making us vibrate at a certain frequency and that in turn attract to us situations or objectives with a similar vibratory frequency.

Raise your consciousness, change your vibration, and inevitably your results and your life will change.

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