10 Sunday habits to have a great week

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This post is all about these 10 killer sunday habits to have a great week

When Sundays come around I know you probably think about spending the entire day on the couch, watching a movie. 

And honestly, that sounds like a great plan! But Sundays are not just meant for lazing around. They can also be an opportunity to rest, reset, and prepare ourselves for the new week with boundless energy, productivity, and positive vibes.

By incorporating an intentional Sunday routine into your life, you can boost your motivation levels and create a solid foundation for success. 

So whether you’re looking for routine ideas to enhance your Sundays or looking for a checklist to ensure you make the most of your day, we’ve got you covered!

In this blog post, we will share 10 powerful Sunday habits that will help you start your week on the right foot. From nurturing self-care practices to organizing your tasks and setting meaningful intentions, these habits will transform your Sundays into a time of rejuvenation and empowerment.

Let’s make every Sunday count!

best sunday habits

Sunday habits ideas. Prepare some healthy snacks for the week

I don’t know about you but when it comes to healthy eating, my downfall are always the snacks.

Especially because I crave them at times when I don’t feel like putting the effort to prepare something healthy or think about what is best for me.

I want something quick, yummy (and most of the time sweet). So I always end up picking up something not that healthy like processed foods, biscuits, bakery, chips, etc.

And I’m not saying it’s bad to eat those foods. But when you have them every day…

Well, that’s where the problem is.

But setting some time aside each sunday (or even Saturday) to prepare some healthy and delicious snacks has honestly saved me and it’s become one of my favorite sunday routines.

So bring out the chef/baker inside of you and look for inspo on Pinterest or tik tok to create your next healthy snack!

Check-in on your finances

I know, I know. Probably the last thing you want to do on a sunday is log into your bank account and check your finances.

But if you to live that financial freedom, you need to start getting over your fear of checking your bank account.

Plus creating this healthy habit into your sunday routine will also help you prepare yourself for the week ahead, know exactly where you stand, the money that is supposed to come in and out, and how much you can spend.

Clean your home

Since I was little, Saturdays and especially Sundays were a “cleaning day”. Honestly, I hated it. Not only because I had to help vacuum and organize the house, but because the only thing I wanted was to chill, watch a movie, go out with my friends, etc.

But the more I grow up the more I appreciate and understand the importance of creating a clean space for yourself.

There is a quote that goes: “Your outside space reflects how you feel on the inside and vice versa”.

Investing some time every weekend to prepare and give yourself a clean and organized space for the week will help you in so many ways.

First of all, you’ll have more time to dedicate to other tasks, like work, cooking, appointments, or just chill.

Secondly, you’ll feel calmer and more productive in your day-to-day because of the “outside vibes”.

So for this sunday habit, I highly encourage you to make a sunday cleaning checklist. It doesn’t even have to be anything crazy. Just a couple of tasks that will help your space feel cleaner like vacuuming, cleaning your windows, doing a load of laundry, etc.

Plan your week

One of the easiest ways to stay on top of your game and feel organized is to plan your week the night before.

Here are a couple of things to include in your weekly or daily planner to organize your week:

  • Appointments: Whether it’s that pilates class, doctor appointment, hairdresser, etc. make sure to include them here. 
  • Intentions. Creating weekly intentions is a great way to start the week mindfully and with purpose. Here you’ll find a beginner guide on weekly intentions and how to set them.
  • Habit tracker. Only keep it if you feel comfortable tracking them
  • Class/work schedule.
  • Meetings. Consider all the important meetings you might have during the week and include them in your schedule.
  • Self care time to prioritize yourself and take care of your needs

Once you have all of these written down and organized in your planner you’ll have a better view of what you need to do and how you can make it happen.

And lastly, remember that everyone’s week is unique so tailor your week to your specific needs and preferences. The key is to create a plan that helps you stay organized, productive, and balanced throughout the week.

Have a little self care 

It’s essential to make time for some self care in whatever way you prefer it. Because yes, self care has a different meaning to everyone, and it’s not just about bubble baths and skincare.

Self care is prioritizing yourself and your needs, and taking care of these whether they are physical, mental, emotional, etc.

Taking some me time at least once a week has many benefits like improving your productivity, boosting your self esteem, managing stress, and even improving your mental health.

Here are some self care ideas for your “me time”:

Sunday habits to start the week. Set your weekly goals

Setting weekly goals is one of my favorite things in the world. Not only because it helps you boost your motivation, and reduce procrastination. But also because they help improve your focus and clarity throughout the week.

The question now is, what is the most effective way to set goals so that you actually achieve them?

I’ve got you, girl! Here is a basic outline of the best goal-setting process:

  • Review your long-term goals and break them into short-term goals to get clear on your priorities for the week
  • Set goals using the T.A.R.G.E.T. method. The truth is the way you set your goals will highly influence whether you achieve them or not. For a goal to be achievable, it needs to have these six characteristics: tangible, affirmative, realistic, gain, evidence, and time.
  • Prioritize your goals. Once you have your list of goals for the week, consider which ones are the most important- the ones you should focus all your attention on.
  • Break your goals into daily/weekly actions. This step will eliminate the need to procrastinate and avoid these goals as you already have an actionable list of steps to achieve your goals.
  • Schedule them into your calendar. And lastly, schedule your daily and weekly actions into your calendar and planner to truly commit to yourself.

If you need a more detailed beginner guide on how to set weekly goals, make sure to check out this article!

Do some journaling 

The end of the week is the perfect moment to pause for a moment and reflect. Whether is about the events of the past week, the challenges you faced, the things you are proud of or just to do a brain dump.

Here are a couple of ideas for your journaling session:

Get some fresh air

Getting some fresh air daily is a great way to boost your energy. Not to mention the mental and physical benefits.

So put on your sneakers and go out for a walk, or maybe run, and enjoy the fresh air, the sun, and some movement during your Sundays.

Best sunday habits. Do something creative

Even if it’s a five-minute craft. Being creative is the best way to express ourselves and our feelings.

When was the last time you did something creative just for the sake of it? Without expectations or pressure?

So why not use Sundays as an opportunity to get our hands dirty? It could be drawing, painting, gardening, painting, doing a puzzle, knitting… The possibilities are endless!

Pick up your outfits for the week

If you think about it, it’s crazy the amount of time we spend trying to decide each morning what to wear.

Especially when you try to find something that is clean, makes you feel good, and doesn’t look like you picked up from the bottom of your wardrobe.

And I don’t know about you, but let’s just say my level of creativity in the mornings is not at its highest.

That is why the sixth sunday habit I want to share with you is getting in the habit of picking up your outfits for the week.

That way you can also make sure all your clothes will be clean and ready when you need them.

Although it might take you an hour to organize these it will save you a ton of time in the mornings as well as brain power!

Final thoughts on sunday habits

In conclusion, adopting a Sunday routine can truly set the tone for a successful and fulfilling week ahead because it acts as a reset button for the mind and body. 

It allows you to reflect on the past week’s achievements and challenges while setting intentions for the upcoming days. This intentional practice not only helps you stay organized. But also cultivates a sense of calm and clarity.

Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the perfect Sunday routine and you don’t have to do all the habits in this list.

Experiment with different activities and find what resonates with you personally. Whether it’s an early morning walk or spending quality time with loved ones, focus on activities that bring joy and fulfillment into your life.

Use this checklist of habits as a starting point to craft your own unique routine that aligns with your goals and values and set yourself up for greatness throughout the entire week!

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