89 Weekly and Monthly 2023 goals ideas to become a better person

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This post is all about these 89 best weekly and monthly 2023 goals ideas to become a better person.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-improvement and personal growth? 

Look no further! In this inspirational post, we have curated the ultimate list of 89 monthly and weekly 2023 goals ideas to help you become a better person.

Self improvement is an ongoing and continuous process, and setting achievable goals is an essential part of it. 

So whether you’re looking to prioritize self-care, enhance your personal finances, boost your mental health, or excel in your work life, I’ve got you covered. 

From practical self-care goals ideas to actionable personal finance goals ideas and everything in between, this ultimate 2023 goals ideas list will provide you with the inspiration and motivation you need to make positive changes in your life.

So get ready to set meaningful goals for yourself and watch as you transform into the best version of yourself!

2023 goals ideas for a major glow up

How to set weekly goals?

Setting goals should be one of your top priorities every week. Not only because they help improve your productivity and motivation. But also because they are the roadway to help you become a better you and transform your life.

Setting weekly goals gives us purpose, direction and motivates us to take meaningful actions toward achieving our major life goals.

But the way you set your objectives will highly determine whether you actually achieve them or not.

Because no, it’s not enough to simply write your goals or think about them.

There is actually a strategy behind it you can follow that will make the goal-setting process so much easier.

In this article right here you will find an in depth weekly goals setting routine that will help you get clear on your goals and make sure you actually achieve them this time!

Weekly & Monthly 2023 Goals ideas

Here is an overview of all 89 2023 goals ideas to become a better person:

Weekly work goals

  1. Go to a workshop related to your job
  2. Set healthy boundaries in your workspace. One of the most common reasons we end up burned out is because we don’t draw the line between work and life. We let it eclipse the rest of our lives without leaving space for any other priority. That is why setting healthy boundaries at work (and respecting them) is so important. In this article, you’ll find a complete beginner’s guide on how to set healthy boundaries in your life!
  3. Dress for success. Every day for one week put effort into your appearance to boost your self esteem and self belief (even if you work from home)!
  4. Only check your email inbox once a week
  5. Try time batching for a new week
  6. Join a mastermind group
  7. Attend a networking event related to your career
  8. Organize your workspace after finishing work

Fun monthly goals ideas

  1.  Start coloring. I’m a huge lover of adult coloring books. They are a great (little) hobby to keep your mind occupied whenever you feel stressed, anxious or just to keep yourself in the present moment. Here is my personal favorite if you want to try this wellness idea!
  2. Reorganize your closet and clean out the clothes you no longer use
  3. Every night for a week do a quick clean around the house by picking up 7 things and putting them in their place
  4. Make your bed every morning for a month

Health and Wellness weekly goals ideas

  1. Drink 2l of water every day
  2. Try a new healthy recipe from Pinterest
  3. Limit takeout food to x amount
  4. Create a sunday self care checklist routine
  5. Have a regular sleep schedule and sleep 8h daily
  6. Don’t use electronics one hour before going to bed
  7. Take a 24h break from social media
  8. Get up 30 min earlier and start your day with a fun activity
  9. Do 15 min. of calm breathing every night before going to bed
  10. Go on a walk as you listen to your favorite podcast (here are some self improvement podcast ideas)
  11. Drink no alcohol for 30 days
  12. Learn how to meal prep
  13. Drink no caffeine for a month
  14. Don’t hit the snooze button for 30 days
  15. Sleep with your phone in another room for one week

Monthly goals ideas for mindset and growth

  1. Read one self improvement blog post a day
  2. Go to the library and browse through the different sections. Pick 3 new books to read that month
  3. Find a class or course to learn about a new skill you are interested in
  4. Research new skills that will help you become better in your career
  5. Find encouraging and motivational people to follow on social media
  6. Focus for a month on trying to identify and eliminate one of your limiting beliefs. Here you will find an in-depth guide on how to do this!

Physical goals ideas to set monthly

  1. Exercise four times a week
  2. Stretch 5 min. every day after waking up
  3. Experiment with new ways of working out
  4. Go to the gym or exercise with a friend
  5. Spend one entire day in nature a month
  6. Meet out with your friends to do an activity you’ve been wanting to do for a while
  7. Book a massage in a local beauty center
  8. Use the stairs instead of the elevator in your daily routine
  9. Go for a walk daily
  10. Walk 10,00 steps a day
  11. Go for a hike

Monthly relationships ideas

  1. Cook a new recipe with a friend
  2. Have a movie night with your friends and/or family
  3. Have brunch with your friends once a month
  4. Call a loved one you don’t often talk to
  5. Have one screen-free family night a week
  6. Have fun and long conversations with your family around the table, with no screens 
  7. Host a girl’s night in with your closest friends
  8. Go on a date night once a month
  9. Make dinner together with your partner once a week
  10. Try one new thing with your partner once a week

Monthly financial focus

  1. Track your expenses weekly with an Excel
  2. Don’t do any online shopping for a week
  3. Make a monthly budget for your income
  4. Create a monthly or yearly financial goal with your savings
  5. Think about a financial area you would like to improve and learn more about it (i.e. how to invest, how to spend less money, how to save…)
  6. Read a new personal finance book a month. You are a badass at making money by Jen Sincero is a great one to start with! This book has served as a wake-up call and has empowered me to move forward and refocus on my objectives (personal, financial, biz, etc). I truly believe it’s a must reading for any personal development lover that wants to boost their inner power!
  7. Practice money journaling to heal your relationship with money (here you are 36 money journal prompts to jumpstart your finance journey!)
  8. Donate to a cause you care about

Self growth weekly goals ideas

  1. Choose daily motivational affirmations to start your days with (here are some of my favorites!)
  2. Invest time in confidence-building activities
  3. Keep a gratitude journal at your bedside and start your days with a little journaling session (here are some of the best gratitude journals to buy)
  4. Add one new personal development activity to your routine
  5. Start meditating for at least 2 minutes a day. (A simple way to start is closing your eyes and doing the simple exercise of a deep breath in, counting 4 seconds. Then hold it for another 4 seconds and let it out, also counting 4 seconds). 
  6. Try a new self care routine for a week
  7. Take up a new hobby
  8. Do one crossword or sudoku a day to exercise your mind
  9. Create a 5-year vision board
  10. Check off something from your bucket list
  11. Create a new healthy habits to boost your self love

Self care goals ideas 

  1. Take a long warm bath with a relaxing playlist in the background
  2. Allow yourself to sleep in on the weekends and kiss the guilt goodbye
  3. Do a monthly assessment about how you feel (these journal prompts can help)
  4. Cuddle your pets if you have them
  5. Write yourself a love letter for the week
  6. Include one self care activity a day in your daily routine to prioritize and take care of yourself
  7. Write in a journal every day for a week
  8. Commit to a skin routine
  9. Read at least 5 minutes/one chapter a day
  10. Treat yourself to something nice once a month
  11. Plan a “you” self care day once a month
  12. Have a spa night (face masks, mani, pedi, etc.)

Mental Health weekly goals

  1. Go on a social media break for 30 days
  2. Write down 3 things you are grateful for every day
  3. Don’t use your phone for the first 30 min. of your day
  4. Unfollow 1 social media account a day for 30 days that doesn’t inspire you
  5. Try new stress management techniques
  6. Add serotonin-producing activities into your week like doing aerobics, practicing positive thinking, going out in the sunshine, getting a massage, spending time with people that make you happy, etc.

Final thoughts

As we wrap up this inspiring post on 89 best monthly and weekly goals ideas to become a better person, it’s clear that there are countless ways to jumpstart your self-improvement journey. 

Whether you’re focusing on self-care, personal growth, personal finances, mental health, or work goals, the possibilities are endless.

In 2023 and beyond, let these goals ideas serve as your guiding light toward becoming the best version of yourself. 

From practicing self-care rituals to nurturing your personal finances and prioritizing mental health, each goal is designed to empower you on your path of self-improvement.

Remember that setting goals is just the first step; taking consistent action is what truly leads to transformation. So go ahead and choose a mix of monthly and weekly goals that resonate with you the most. Embrace them wholeheartedly and watch as they shape you into a better person day by day.

Here’s to an incredible journey of growth and self-discovery in 2023. Let these goals be your roadmap toward becoming the best version of yourself. You’ve got this!

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